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Binenn 2 weken plek bij Yvonne Grol Levensbalans

Find your balance with Yvonne Grol Life Balance

About living and saying goodbye, loss, grief & personal development

About me

After my training as a nurse, I worked for years with people in their final phase of life. I always found it special to be able to be close to a turning point in the life of a fellow human being. To investigate life questions together and clarify needs. This predilection has led me to change course a few years ago and focus on individual guidance. This has led to the founding of Yvonne Grol Levensbalans . In addition to my work as a loss and grief therapist, I am an EFT practitioner and affiliated with the EFT Foundation. To this day, I enjoy taking courses that inspire me.

When you are guided by me you will notice that I am an emotional person who, in addition to the professional frameworks, relies on her intuition with a pinch of spirituality. I am convinced that we as humans are part of a larger whole. In addition, I am primarily a bon vivant and enjoyment is in small things for me. A cup of coffee in the sun, visiting the forest and beach together with our dog, doing some odd jobs with my partner (I don't turn my hand around wallpaper and painting) or a wonderful day in the sauna. I like good and pure food, I like to cook and bake and enjoy doing this for my family and good friends. A beautifully set table, a good glass of wine and open, honest, in-depth conversations - superficiality is something that does not suit me - combined with the necessary humor make these moments priceless for me.

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What can you contact me for?


About living and saying goodbye

Have you been told that you are no longer getting better and are you struggling with this realization? As a loss and grief therapist I guide people like you and those involved.

Everything you feel and think is allowed to be there and is welcome to be seen and heard. I have a warm heart to you and have only one goal in mind: That you can live life with the knowledge that death is walking with you and that you can finally say goodbye in a way that suits you.

I think it is important to tune in to your needs. If you would like to discuss the options, please feel free to contact me.


Loss and grief counseling

Experiencing a great loss can put your self, people and world view under considerable pressure. Nothing is self-evident anymore. What does this loss mean to you? How do you relate to life and to others? Life questions and intense emotions require time and attention and I like to make time and space for you. Everything you feel and think is allowed to be there and is welcome to be seen and heard. Together we walk the path to a new balance.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to meet or schedule an appointment.


Personal development

Do you feel that life is alive to you and do you feel that you are getting more and more removed from yourself? That the choices you make are no longer based on what you really want and that the pressure you put on yourself to perform is increasing? Then I cordially invite you to dive into your subconscious to reflect on what drives you and what you really want in life. Together we will shine the light on your beliefs that cause the stress and you will learn to make choices from self-awareness that will give you inner peace.

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and create a new balance? Please contact me for an appointment.


Ceremonial speaker

Do you find it difficult to find and pronounce the right words? With my speeches I know how to hit the right chord and I give expression to your personal story.

I do this with love in grief and faithfulness. Because the common denominator is the love that can always see the light.

I listen to your stories and translate them into a speech in which I give a place to what has been said but also what has not been said and showed itself.

If you want to know more about my working method or get acquainted to see if we have a click, please contact me without obligation.


Business training

My mission: To normalize loss and grief in our worldview. No life without loss, no life without difficult times. What would it be like if your employees were given the tools to deal with this in a helpful way for themselves and for colleagues? To recognize the grief so that room is also created for taking up life and work?

I deliver custom work and would like to look for a suitable offer for your organization. Please feel free to contact me to explore the possibilities.


Coaching business

When an employee is confronted with loss (in whatever form), this has consequences for all areas of life and often also for the performance of his or her job. Help your employee get through this period and find a new balance by offering individual guidance.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.

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Would you like more information about how I can help you deal with the challenges of life in your unique situation?

Please contact me so that we can discuss this together.

My company is located in Noord-Holland (Heerhugowaard), but I work in a larger area and, if desired, online.


Thanks for your message. I will contact you as soon as possible!


Who I am?

I do not know

Is it the way you see me?

Beyond my thoughts

Beyond your thoughts

In my true being

From your true being

Cannot be put into words

Cannot be molded

Who I am?

I do not know

Is it the way you see me?


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Single session of 1 hour € 95, -

Trajectory card 5 sessions € 450

Trajectory card 10 sessions € 850, -

Ceremonial speaker

€ 525 excl. Travel costs

Business life

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My company is located in Heerhugowaard. Do you not live in the area? Don't let that stop you! I also deliver custom work in this regard. If desired, I see clients in the palliative phase in their home environment. I also work online and have access to coach rooms throughout the Netherlands.

Traveling is also not a problem for business training. I would be happy to discuss the options with you.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us. I'm happy to talk to you!

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