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About me

After my training as a nurse, I worked for years with people in their final phase of life. I always found it special to be able to be close to a turning point in the life of a fellow human being. To investigate life questions together and clarify needs. This predilection has led me to change course a few years ago and focus on individual guidance. This has led to the founding of Yvonne Grol - Life Balance -. I am an EFT practitioner and I am affiliated with the EFT Foundation. I also specialized in loss and grief therapy. To this day I enjoy taking courses that inspire me.

When you are guided by me you will notice that I am an emotional person who, in addition to the professional frameworks, relies on her intuition with a pinch of spirituality. I am convinced that we as humans are part of a larger whole. In addition, I am mainly a bon vivant and enjoyment is in small things for me. A cup of coffee in the sun, visiting the forest and beach together with our dog, doing some odd jobs with my partner (I do not turn my hand around wallpaper and painting) or a wonderful day at the sauna. I like good and pure food, I like to cook and bake and enjoy doing this for my family and good friends. A beautifully set table, a good glass of wine and open, honest, in-depth conversations - superficiality is something that does not suit me - combined with the necessary humor make these moments priceless for me.

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